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Radiator for Datsun Z V8

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Radiator, for Datsun Z V8
Datsun V-8 conversion parts, JTR catalog page for S10 V8 Conversions: V-8 conversion parts, JTR catalog page for Datsun V8 Conversions: Radiator for Datsun Z V-8, # DAT 121

Radiator for Datsun Z V-8. #DAT-121, $185
including shipping
(Note, Radiator no longer available.)


This is what we now feel is the best radiator for the V8 Z. It is made for Stealth Conversions. It is the base radiator for 1984-1986 V8 Camaro’s, but with a thicker core (1-3/8" thick, compared to 7/8" for a stock radiator). It is light, inexpensive, and does an excellent job of cooling. It has the correct overall dimensions to fit in a Z car, and it has an automatic transmission cooler in the passenger’s side tank. The heavy-duty radiator for a 1984-1986 Camaro has a 1-3/8" thick core, but it has an overall width of about 30" (compared to 25.25" on the radiator shown above) which is too wide to fit between the frame rails in the Z car.

The genuine Chevrolet base radiator for the 1984-1986 Camaro has a core that is only 7/8" thick. Also, the Genuine Chevrolet radiators sometime have cosmetic problems (bent, or unevenly spaced fins) which has caused complaints. The aftermarket radiator shown above is better than the genuine Chevrolet radiator, costs less, and has fewer cosmetic problems. It also has a thicker core, which is 1-3/8" thick, and has 18 fins/inch.

The inlet fitting is 1-5/16" and the outlet fitting is 1-9/16". If you are using a 1-1/2" diameter upper radiator hose, use a hose reducer bushing, available at most auto parts stores. Stealth Conversions also sell hose reducer bushings.

When used with a powerful electric cooling fan (see pages 12-9 through 12-11), the radiator does an excellent job cooling the V8 Z.


The radiator shown above weighs less than 10 lbs pounds (empty). The side tanks do not hold a lot of coolant, and this also saves weight. When the radiator is filled with coolant, it weighs 15 lbs. The aluminum brackets which hold the radiator weigh 4 lbs, for a total weight of 19 lbs.

By comparison, a stock 280Z radiator weighs 20 lbs (empty), and 30 lbs full of coolant.

Datsun V8, radiator cores
Base Radiator core
for 1984-1986 Camaro
Radiator core used
on Radiator sold by
Stealth Conversions

The radiator core on the left is used on the base radiator for the 1984-1986 Camaro. The tube width is .800".

The radiator core on the right is used on the radiator sold by Stealth Conversions. The tube width is 1.25".

The base Camaro radiator with the thin core does a good job of cooling the V8 Z, but some people returned the radiators without ever using them because they felt the radiator was too thin to cool well.

Stealth Conversions has been able to purchase custom made radiators from American manufacturers for far less than the wholesale cost of radiators 10 years ago.

One of the reasons radiator prices have dropped over the years is due to the low cost of aluminum (Russia is now a large source of the ore used to produce Aluminum). Another reason for the cost reduction is because of competition from radiators manufactured from overseas. The quality of the radiators sold by Stealth Conversions is first rate.

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